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Our primary focus is to see small business in the Canton area of Ohio grow and thrive.

If you have ideas about your business and want to see them become reality, we can make it happen!

Why choose us?

When your business IT needs are too big for just one person, but not big enough to hire IT staff, we can help fill the gap. We offer affordable support, project planning, web hosting, and many other IT related services for the small business. We are corteous, world class, and affordable. Most of all, we want to watch you and your business succeed and grow.


We are available for consulting. We have experience working with small shops, world class software development organizations, and large enterprise IT organizations. We are proficient with Windows, Apple and Linux based technology.

  • Technical Advice
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Network
  • Computer Support
  • Sales
  • Database Management Technologies
  • Programming
  • Training